The next generation of tablets/laptops

There is a debate going on about whether laptops will be completely replaced by tablets. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Tablet or Laptop??


1)What are the benefits of a tablet?
2)How big do you want them? Why?

Take a look at Toshiba's latest tablet:

1)How positive or negative is the review?
2)What are the pros and cons of the device?
3)Why would people buy this?

Watch again

1)How cutting edge is Sony?
2)Would you buy a Sony tablet or laptop?
   Why/Why Not?

Watch and makes notes about 2 Sony devices:

1)What do you think of them?
2)Is the second a laptop or tablet?
3)What are the benefits of these designs?
4)Who would buy them?

Watch again again

1)How big is your laptop?
2)What is the best size for a laptop screen?

Take a look at the new Toshiba laptop:

1)Why have they made it this size?
2)Would a tablet be better?
3)Where would you use this device?


1)Choose 1 of the devices and prepare a 1 minute 
  speech about why it is better than the others.
2)After each person has spoken take turns to 
  criticise their arguments but allow them to 
3)When 4 people have debated change speaker.

1)Make groups and create your own device.
2)Present it to the class who should give it marks 
  for 1)Originality 2)Design 3)Specs 4)Price
3)When everyone has presented collate the scores.


This is how Microsoft think we will be using devices in the future: